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Landscaping with California Natives Class

Our eyes were really opened up when we started learning about California Native plants and how we can do our own landscaping with them.  There are such a wonderful variety of colors and textures to choose from and whatever your soil and weather conditions you can create a wonderful, drought tolerant, sustainable garden with them.

Once established California Natives do not need watering, except possibly during EXTREME drought conditions for your area.  They are native!  No one, but Mother Nature has been watering them for eons!

Selecting the right plants that work together for soil conditions, color, and texture is definitely science but it’s the Art of Landscaping with Natives that is amazing.  It takes a little research and trial and error, but you too can create your own lovely native landscape.

Creating a beautiful environment, knowing that its a sustainable environment that toxic chemicals are not used, being able to enjoy it without a large time commitment for maintenance, working in harmony with nature…is just Awesome!

Join us for our upcoming Landscaping with California Natives Class

Saturday, October 18, 2014 – 10 am – 11:30 am

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