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Green Juicing for Health

Making Green JuiceJuicing allows the fiber to be broken down from a plant and removed. The removal of fiber allows you to receive very dense nutrition that your body now doesn’t have to work so hard to release from the fiber.  There definitely is a place for fiber in your diet it just doesn’t need to always be present and when juicing GREENS it is ideal that it isn’t.

It is in juicing high sugar fruits that a problem arises.  Your blood sugar will spike from the sugar surge that happens without fiber.  Eat your fruits whole, or at most blend them to retain the fiber.

We as a society don’t usually drink green juices, so their color can be a little intimidating.  They might look like something that came out of the lawn mower.  Depending on which greens you use they might smell like it too!

Some darker greens are definitely an acquired taste, but you can also enjoy major health benefits from lighter, sweeter greens.  Now, to be sure these “sweeter” greens are NOT sweet.  You can sweeten them a bit with some apple to start out with, or you may find that adding lemon is all you need for a healthy, low carb, yummy green juice.

Our favorite recipe is Green Lemonade (all organic) baby spinach, baby kale, celery, lemon.  No sweeteners needed.

Join us for a green juicing demonstration.  You can watch or join in on the fun.  It is fun too.  My kids love to help out.

Green Juice Demo – Saturday, July 26th at 10 am.

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