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Ahhhh – Essential Oils

lemon-essential oil RFEssential Oils are amazing.  No, we don’t sell them, but we sure do buy them! We didn’t know anything about them a few years ago and now we wouldn’t go a day without using them in some way.

It started with Bug Spray!  You know when you are camping and it’s about dusk and the mosquitoes come out?  Well, they seem to love me (Jess) and I had always used some nasty smelling, chemical spray that I didn’t like and felt like it couldn’t quite possibly be good for me.

We were camping with friends and lucky for me our new friend we were camping with had brought her own Bug Spray that she made herself from Essential Oils.  It actually smelled good!  It actually worked!  I was amazed.  It definitely opened the door for me to the wonders of Essential Oils.

I use them to clean, for air fresheners, in home made bath salts, as deodorant, when we’re feeling like we’re getting sick, and lots more.  As I said above, we don’t sell them but you can find them in your health food store or online easy enough.   I know there are some high priced brands out there but we use NOW Essential Oils.  I think they are high quality and a good price.

We’ll be having an Essential Oil Class so that you can learn how to incorporate them into your life too.  Join us for it and leave a little extra time to tour our garden and relax.

Essential Oil Class – Saturday, March 14, 10 am – 11:30

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